Due to the large number of counterfeit FORZA food supplements that have been appearing on the market, the hugely popular T5 manufacturer has invested in a total rebrand to make it harder for fraudsters and scammers to copy its products. While the production of these counterfeit products is an endorsement of FORZA and shows the popularity and familiarity of its T5 range, it has recently been discovered that the fake supplements contain numerous banned substances, such as DMAA, Sinopren, Ephedrine and Clenbuterol.

Since FORZA recognises that it has a duty to try and protect any current or prospective consumers, the ever-expanding brand has transformed all of its T5 products with a fresh and modern look designed to beat the dreaded counterfeiters and put a stop to the manufacture of imitated goods.

The rebranding will include the entire FORZA T5 range, beginning with the revolutionary Strength 2 and 3 products, which are commonly used by dieters and slimmers, all the way through to the powerful Strength 4 range, which is aimed towards bodybuilders and athletes. FORZA are confident that this change of image will only confirm their status as the leading UK supplier and manufacturer of safe and reliable T5 products.

As well as making a number of creative changes to the labels and packaging, the T5 products will now come with standardised capsule colours. FORZA has also been the proud recipient of ISO 13485 certification, which relates to quality management, as well as ISO 14001 certification, which was awarded in recognition of the company’s passion and commitment to environmental protection.

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by Jazz21

So refreshing to see a Company that isn’t just out to make a’ fast buck’ but has the welfare of its customers at heart!

I know that ISOs are not easy to come by and rebranding cannot be cheap.

It is really comforting to know that I am buying quality products that do not have any banned substances in them.

Thank you Forza.