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Meal replacement? FORZA Launch hot Stir It Slim

April 26, 2016

Hot meal replacement resets the tired sector

Since the 1980s the meal replacement has been popular with dieters.

When SlimFast launched their shakes a generation of dieiing shake drinkers was born, all keen to shed the excess weight.

SlimFast dominated for 25 years in the weight loss drinks sector and have maintained an almost identical brand image and tastes in nearly 30 years.

Many brands have emulated the success of SlimFast but the sector has seen no innovation. Mums and busy women have been expected to buy tubs of powder, purchase extra milk and a shaker to concoct a powdery and watery blend of synthetic flavoured drinks.

In 2014 FORZA were asked by high street buyers to enter the meal replacement market. "We entered the meal replacement market reluctantly as it was a dead space but we knew if we got involved we would bring strong inovation" said Sam Conebar, Research & Development Manager at FORZA. Starting with an improved version of the bestselling shakes 'Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla' FORZA was able to create a simple sachet product that requires the addition of only water (not milk) and can be stirred rather than shaken.

Less mess, no hidden cost and tastier.

Sam added, “Once we'd entered the market we knew that people wouldn't necessarily want a strawberry shake for breakfast so we looked at cultural habits. This exposed an increase in morning coffee drinking and a culture of skipping breakfast in favour of a Starbucks",

"So we got to work on a hot version of the product that was functional and replaced a good coffee". The challenge would be matching a high street latte with a 204 calorie meal replacement.

Forza stir it slim meal replacement box & mug

"As a result a new product was born: Stir It Slim comes in 3 flavours Latte, Caramel Latte and Hot Chocolate. The coffees all contain real coffee and the hot chocolate is made with real chocolate", concludes Lee Smith, Managing Director at FORZA Industries.

"We wanted to continue our range in a way that blends with the lifestyles of the modern woman and man. We weren't about to copy the same old tired product releases of the diet dinosaur brands. With Stir It Slim you can still have your morning coffee in place of breakfast but without the negative consequences, plus it tastes amazing!"  

You can buy Stir it Slim from and Lloyds Pharmacies

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