As you become accustomed to experimenting with different supplements, you will learn that certain products interact to produce greater results than can be achieved with any one product alone.

This is known as 'stacking' and, once mastered, allows the user to improve the results of their training sessions by creating new and different levels of 'supplement synergism'. However, not all supplements will react together in a positive way. You should always check the label as some products have certain conditions that mean stacking them will limit their effects.

For example, caffeine is known to counteract the effects of creatine. You should also check that you are not stacking too many products with the same ingredients or are overloading with certain vitamins as this could be potentially dangerous. The following stacks interact in a positive way and can be used to achieve different goals:  

Creatine + HMB

This proven muscle-building recipe helps users exert maximum power and achieve faster lean muscle gains. Both of these products are great for increasing size and strength, but there is also a huge amount of research that shows how they are able to reinforce each other's effects when they are combined.  

Fat Burners + Test Boosters

Combining a good thermogenic fat burner with a powerful testosterone booster will maximise fat loss, improve muscle strength and result in a much leaner physique. Since higher testosterone levels are linked to an increased burning of body fat, this kind of stack is regularly used by athletes looking to get seriously ripped.  

BCAAs + Glutamine

This is a great stack for improving the protein balance within the body, providing increased anabolism and anti-catabolism. Consistent use will lead to faster growth and recovery as well as keeping immunity levels high enough to cope with the physical stress of weight training.  

Pre-Workouts + Nitric Pumps

Taken before your workouts, a solid energy-boosting stack can be the difference between success and failure when it comes to completing that last repetition. Being able to push your body to the absolute limit during each training session is a huge advantage and will ultimately improve all aspects of performance. This kind of stack increases Nitric Oxide levels in the blood to stimulate energy, improve endurance capacity and induce intense muscle pumps.