• New study by The University of Queensland identified significant intake of fruit and veg can have a positive impact on health
  • Eight portions or more was found to trigger improved mental health
  • Increase in happy hormone comparable to HTP

A recent study by The University of Queensland has found that eating eight or more portions of fruit and vegetables on a daily basis improves mental wellbeing significantly. The study, which involved collecting data from 12,000 adults in Australia, examined the correlation between their consumption of mighty veg & fruit and their mental health. Dr Redzo Mujcic a researcher at The University of Queensland commented “The current guidelines for five vegetables and two fruits per day are based on physical health. We wanted to look at the effect fruit and vegetables have on life satisfaction, distress and overall vitality.”

"The existing guidelines need to be reviewed. Our research found that eating five fruits and vegetables a day is ideal, and less than ten per cent of Australians are eating this amount.” The research identified that women experienced more of an increase in their mental health than men. The happy hormone, also known as serotonin can also boosted by supplements that help to provide a little pick-me-up. These 5-HTP capsules do not require a prescription and are available from reputable retailers.

It’s common sense to see that when you are eating well this can have an effect on your overall wellbeing. FORZA believes that further research is required before taking this study to be conclusive – particularly identifying whether specific types of fruit and vegetables have significant impacts on our mental health. In the meantime, make sure you eat at least your 5-a-day to keep the doctor away!