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Slimzene Internet Diet Scam Finally Exposed

June 27, 2013

After months of campaigning against the notorious diet company Slimzene, FORZA is pleased to give details of some recent developments that should bolster the spirits of the UK supplement industry. Slimzene is a US-based company owned by Natural Health Network that is part of an on-going internet diet scam. Since the turn of the year, the Slimzene scam has started to spread to the UK where it has made millions of pounds after duping countless numbers of innocent customers.

When ordering from the Slimzene website, customers are urged to sign up to a ‘free trial’ of diet pills. However, once signed up they are charged a large amount of money (ranging from £70 to as much as £140) from their bank accounts at the end of every month. Slimzene will then continue charging a customer’s bank account every month until the customer cancels the trial offer, which in itself is very long and incredibly difficult process. When UK supplement firm FORZA became mistakenly associated with the fraudulent organisation on an internet forum, it immediately launched a public awareness movement in order to warn customers not to trust those companies offering an online free trial of diet pills as it will usually end up costing them a lot of money.

After posting as much information as she could find about Slimzene onto the forum, FORZA’s Commercial Director Karen Page was shocked to find just how many innocent victims had been lured in by the scam. “After doing some research on Slimzene and the Natural Health Network, I could immediately see why so many people had put their trust in the free trial offer. It did not look like a cheap and nasty website; a lot of time and effort had gone into making it look completely honest and professional.

“The forum discussion currently has 437 posts, all from customers who have been misled by Slimzene and who are desperately searching for a way of terminating the payments.

“The process for stopping the card payments is certainly not easy, but by doing a bit of investigating and then sharing our findings online we were able to help a large number of people resolve the issue.” The free trial scam is nothing new - the concept has been around for a long time - but Slimzene are the first company to go the extra mile in making it seem entirely legitimate to the average customer.

The company gained trust from customers by using paid advertisements on Facebook which featured lots of fake weight loss claims as well as apparently genuine celebrity endorsements from the likes of British singer Adele and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham. However, an article published yesterday (26th June) in the Daily Mail has finally exposed the truth and will hopefully prevent any further customers falling victim to the Slimzene scam.

Slimzene Internet Diet Scam Finally Exposed web scam of adele has been exposed

The article highlights the fact that the weight loss claims used by Slimzene have been declared false by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) and reveals the ‘celebrity endorsements’ to be nothing more than a few doctored images and fabricated quotes. As a result, the internet adverts have been banned with immediate effect. Slimzene did not respond to the Daily Mail’s request for a comment, but it is fairly obvious that this may be the beginning of the end for the deceitful diet firm. To reduce the risk of being left severely out of pocket, FORZA reminds consumers to obtain diet pills from honest and trustworthy companies who use licensed manufactures and who have a proven record of offering quality products and customer service.

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