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Science Behind Raspberry Ketones

June 16, 2016

Raspberry ketones are the natural phenolic compounds found in red raspberries that give berries their powerful aroma. They have been used for decades in cosmetic as flavoring agents and fragrance for food and beverages. In the recent years its popularity has grown, and today we consider it as one of the best weight loss supplement. So we decided it’s time to introduce science and see whether or not this diet pill works. Let’s begin.

How Raspberry Ketone Works

Being overweight seems to be the new “normal”, with only 30% people having healthy weight. This is a huge concern for FORZA and we are here for one reason – TO HELP!

After being praised for its weight loss effect by famous Dr. OZ, the popularity of raspberry ketones skyrocketed. People started taking these weight loss pills without even knowing how they work or most importantly, whether or not they work. Of course, Dr. OZ has impeccable reputation, but we can’t just base our decision on his words alone, can’t we? Therefore, we’ve decided to give you first-hand information to help better understand it and hopefully lose weight.

When scientists took a closer look at raspberry ketones, they noticed the similar look to capsaicin and synephrine -- the two molecules known for boosting metabolism. So they assumed raspberry ketone has similar effects, but they had to prove it.

In a study, researches took isolated fat cells from rats, made them grow in a test tube and then added raspberry ketones. The results surprised everyone. Raspberry ketones increased breakdown of fat and released hormone called adiponectin.

Although everyone expected that breakdown of fat will occur, no one had idea that raspberry ketones can promote adiponectin production -- a hormone released by fat cells that helps regulate blood sugar levels and metabolism.

It is scientifically proven that overweight people have significantly lower levels of adiponectin compared to people with healthy weight. Studies have also shown that having insufficient adiponectin is associated with higher risk of heart disease, fatty liver, type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Therefore, scientific conclusion was the following – Raspberry Ketone works by:

  • Enhancing metabolism
  • Eliminating fat storage in the body
  • Promoting hormone adiponectin

Workout at any age to enhance metabolism & eliminate fat storage in the body

Raspberry Ketones and Liver

Several scientists went even further than just exploring its weight loss benefits. They’ve assumed Raspberry Ketones can have health benefits to one of our most important organ – liver, so they decided to extensively research this assumption.

Liver is our body’s main fat burning organ and it helps the production of chemicals needed for digestion, but also removes toxins. It’s considered as one of the toughest organs, but due to its importance it still needs to be looked after. Healthy diet and exercise are a great way to improve liver’s health, but it seems that Raspberry Ketones can help as well.

Unhealthy diet can cause liver to store fat at the expense of its primary functions. Therefore, we need to prevent developing fatty liver and for that we need adiponectin. And do you remember who can boost its production? You guessed it right – Raspberry Ketones.


Raspberry Ketones in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise can promote weight loss in many ways, but keep your liver healthy as well.

FORZA offers two versions of this amazing supplement – Raspberry Ketone and Raspberry K2, with the main difference in the presence of caffeine – K2 has caffeine as its ingredient. Therefore, people sensitive to caffeine should opt for FORZA Raspberry Ketone.

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