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‘Reality star Chantelle Houghton looks stunning as her weight continues to drop’

July 07, 2015

  • Reality TV favourite decided to lose weight after Twitter trolls attack
  • The former Big Brother contestant’s goal is to be a size 10
  • Star has admitted that she has always struggled with her weight

The reality TV star and mother of one has recently been pictured looking svelte after vowing to get down to a size 10. Earlier in the year, Chantelle was targeted by Twitter trolls who criticised her for her weight. Chantelle herself admitted that she felt like 'Chantelle Four Bellies'! The brunette beauty, who has three year old daughter Dolly with ex-fiancé Alex Reid, decided to not let the trolls win and embarked on a gruelling fitness regime. It has clearly paid off with Chantelle herself admitting that she has lost even more weight than she thought!

Chantelle steps out looking great after successfully losing weight

Although admitting to struggling with her weight in the past, Chantelle has been regularly working out with a personal trainer to get her dream figure.  She has also completely changed her diet by cutting back on the carbs. Chantelle admitted in an interview with Now Magazine, 'I know what I'm going to have for my dinner tonight, where as usually I wouldn't have a clue so I'd just eat half a loaf of bread and butter'. She also found it difficult to lose the pounds after having daughter Dolly. However, Chantelle has now silenced all the critics with her new dazzling new weight loss and has proven that the gruelling workouts have paid off! What do you think of Chantelle’s new weight loss? Tell us and leave a comment below.

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