As we care about your health, results and overall experience with our company, we always carefully watch what our customers are saying about our products. We pay special attention to all negative comments in order to help everyone achieve the desired results.

Unfortunately, some customers lack valuable knowledge which prevents them to lose weight, or even worse – they experience some health-related problems which can easily be avoided. Therefore, we wanted to present to you honest responses to the most comment questions and problems customers experience while using Raspberry Ketone and Raspberry K2. So let’s begin.


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1. What’s the main difference between Raspberry Ketone and Raspberry Ketone K2?

The main difference between these two products is their ingredients. Raspberry Ketone only contains, well Raspberry Ketone. On the other hand, the Raspberry K2 formula contains 200mg raspberry ketone, 200mg caffeine and 100mg choline.

So basically, they both lead to weight loss, but the K2 formula gives you an extra boost in energy and is considered even more powerful for weight loss.

2. Which one should I use?

It all comes down to your goals. If you only want to lose weight, Raspberry Ketone would be a great option. However, if you desire to lose weight and receive an extra boost in energy, then opt for the powerful K2 formula.

3. Why some people experience nausea and similar side effects after using Raspberry Ketone K2?

This is probably the most common question and the reason why some people were not satisfied with our product, stating they experience some side effects. So let’s examine this question carefully.

Raspberry Ketone K2 contains 200mg caffeine, which is the equivalent of two cups of coffee. If you start with 3 capsules per day, that’s a total of 600mg caffeine per day, or 6 cups of coffee. If we add to that more coffee, as most customers are coffee drinkers, the number of cups of coffee could reach 8-9 per one day. And that can cause nausea, stomach issues and even headaches.

So to avoid that, we have a simple solution. You should start with only 1 capsule per day, and consume it with a full glass of water. In the beginning, make sure to eat something before taking the capsule. After a few days, you can start taking 2 capsules, and in the end you should have no problem taking 1 capsule before breakfast, lunch and dinner. Just make sure not to exceed the recommended daily dose of 3 capsules. While using this supplement, it is strongly recommended to avoid drinking coffee.

4. Why Raspberry Ketone K2 has caffeine as one of its main ingredients?

We already explained that caffeine is the number one ingredient in all weight loss supplements. If used properly, it has no side effects and is completely safe. It will increase your metabolic rate and tell your fat cells to break fat. Caffeine will also give you the much needed energy to exercise longer and that is the main reason we decided to add it together with raspberry ketone.

5. What if I can’t live without coffee or if I’m not used to caffeine? Can I still use K2?

If you are not used to caffeine or can’t stop drinking a few cups of coffee per day, then you should take FORZA Raspberry Ketone. It is a caffeine-free supplement with similar effects as K2 and will definitely help you lose weight.

6. Can I just eat raspberries and get the same effect?

Short and simple – the answer is NO. Unfortunately, the amount of raspberries needed to get the same amount of ketones contained in one capsule of FORZA Raspberry Ketone is around 90lbs per day. It is impossible to eat that many berries, and after all, if we would consume that amount, we would gain weight. Therefore, the solution is taking Raspberry Ketone, which is designed to give you the right dose of Ketones for supporting your weight loss goals.

7. Some customers were not happy with the result, stating they didn’t achieve their weight loss goal.

It’s time to face the truth – supplements are not miracle pills, nor will they help you lose a significant amount of weight if you don’t put any effort. In order to maximise your weight loss, you have to be physically active and have a healthy diet.

Both Raspberry Ketone and K2 will allow you to burn fat, but you still need to have some kind of physical activity to burn the “prepared” fat and lose weight. On the other hand, if you plan on eating only junk food and expecting a miracle from these supplements, you will be disappointed. Nothing can replace a healthy diet, and you won’t lose weight if you consume more calories than you burn. Therefore, it is safe to say that Raspberry Ketone and K2 are your weight loss partner, but still need your help.

8. Are there any side effects?

The product is derived from actual raspberries and has been declared safe by the FDA. There have been no confirmed side effects concerning FORZA Raspberry Ketone and K2. The only side effect you can experience is related to the high dosage of caffeine, but we already explained that. Therefore, both supplements are considered safe for use and can definitely help you lose weight.