After being called a weight loss miracle in a bottle in a popular television show called Dr OZ, raspberry ketone has become a global sensation. After all, when a reputable and famous doctor says something like that and have clinical evidence to support his claims, it’s no wonder why everyone wants this amazing product.

So What Exactly is Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry ketone is a natural substance that gives powerful aroma to red raspberries. It’s been used for many years in cosmetics and as a fragrance and flavoring agent for food and beverages. Today, it’s best known as a weight loss supplement, and for a good reason.

What Science Says about Raspberry Ketone

To better explain its function, we will tell you the basic process that happens inside our body on a daily basis.

After strenuous physical activity or when you are starving, your body is desperately looking for an alternative source of energy and therefore starts producing ketones. And the reason is simple – it helps break down fat to ensure your body has much needed fuel.

Let me repeat that – ketones help break down fat!

It increases the level of adiponectin – an important protein that helps regulate metabolism of fatty acids contained in our fat cells. The more you have it, the better you’ll be at emptying fat cells and using them as an energy source, which can be easily burned. Simply put, ketone produces adiponectin which help your body burn fat. Apart from that, it also increases your energy, giving you the much needed boost for your workouts.

Can I Get Raspberry Ketones from Raspberries

Well, it is possible, but highly unlikely. But let me put it this way – yes you can do that, but you would have to eat 90lbs just to get the same amount of ketones contained in a single 100mg dose of FORZA Raspberry Ketone. And even if you managed to eat that amount, you still won’t be able to lose weight due to enormous calorie intake.

Therefore, the only solution is to take supplements containing raspberry ketone which are designed to support your weight loss.


Raspberry ketone will help your body to burn fat, but it can’t do it alone – you still need to eat healthy and be physically active. So if you plan on eating fast food and spending your time on the sofa, you’ll be disappointed with this product. But then again, you’ll be disappointed with everything you try.

I can’t stress enough that supplements are NEVER designed to achieve anything on their own. They help you lose weight only if you help them work. So we can conclude that raspberry ketones can really help you lose weight, but the key is in your hands. It always was and it always will be. So if you want to lose weight and are willing to work for it, this supplement will certainly help you.

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