• Latest poll indicates a tan is the most important part of women's Summer look
  • Survey showed 57% of women feel more confident and attractive with a tan
  • Celebrities including Kate Moss and Alexa Chung are often seen as role models for glowing skin

For the large population of British women, summer is not all about remaining and looking pale and still be interesting, but it is more about getting a perfectly tanned skin like that of Kate Moss or the Alexa Chung’s sun kissed glow. The result from a recent survey found that 57% of women polled think having a glowing or shining skin makes them feel and look more ‘attractive’, ‘confident’ and ‘slimmer’. 1,000 UK women from the age of 25 to 60 were polled and found that a tanned skin is the most important part of their summer look, and so tend to pay so much attention to it.

Alexa Chung's sun-kissed skin tone

Alexa Chung's (pictured) envious skin tone shows British public prefer a sun-kissed appearance.

A spokesperson for the company that undertook the research was quoted as saying that “although we see paler skin coming in and out of fashion – we know that women believe being tanned is synonymous with beauty”.

Research has constantly reaffirms that women feel a lot more attractive, confident and slimmer with a tan. This is not to say that women are not selective when it comes to the shade of brown they are seeking. One third of those that were polled said that they prefer a sun-kissed look – the skin tone of the likes of catwalk star Kate Moss, IT girl Alexa Chung and super model Cara Delevingne. The perma-orange look that was once loved by The Only Way Is Essex and Geordie Shore cast is no longer en vogue, and only about 6% of the poll participants only wanted a deeply bronzed skin.

Half of the women want tanned pins this summer while about 16% have their focus on sunning their upper arms, and 8% want their cheekbones bronzed. The British women that were polled said having a tanned skin was of greater importance to them than having a different hair color, manicure and pedicure, new hair style or the latest make-up trending during summer. Almost half of the women that participated in the poll said that they felt more attractive with tan, while one third feel more confident. About 22% perceived themselves to be slimmer with bronzed glow, while 19% noticed an improvement in the way they look.