• Shocking new research claims you’re less likely to get dementia if you’re overweight
  • Study could lead to improved treatments for dementia with further studies planned
  • There are still hundreds of other illnesses caused by being overweight

Until now, being overweight has always been considered as damaging to your health and whilst this is still true, it looks as if there may be a benefit!

This is because, after a huge analysis of nearly two million people, researchers have found overweight people are those least at risk of dementia. Dementia, which effects memory and language, is becoming increasingly common and people have been advised to keep in good shape to lessen their chances of developing the illness. However, the shocking results found by researchers has discovered that those in good shape are actually more at risk that those who are not.


Muffin top measuring waist

Obesity continues to be a large problem in the UK The study, conducted by Oxon Epidemiology and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, came as a great surprise to those conducting it.

There are not normally many benefits associated with being overweight. Stuart Pocock, Professor of Medical Statistics from the London School of Hydiene commented, "Our results also open up an intriguing new avenue in the search for protective factors for dementia – if we can understand why people with a high BMI have a reduced risk of dementia, it’s possible that further down the line, researchers might be able to use these insights to develop new treatments for dementia." Despite this shocking find, being overweight is not something we should be aiming for. Those conducting the research have said the studies are still in the early stages and the list of illnesses associated with being overweight are of a much graver concern.

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