Finding an exercise regime that truly suits you can be difficult to find. Although exercising is something we all know we should do, finding the motivation and the time to do so can be harder than you think. Sometimes even just finding the right place in which to exercise can be difficult (especially if you don’t live near a gym and don’t particularly like running).

Another factor to remember is that just because you are spending vast amounts of time exercising, it doesn’t necessarily mean the number of calories burned will be reflected in your workout. Well fear not, because we’ve selected some of our favourite exercises that are fantastic for burning calories…and the best thing of all is that you can do them anywhere!

All you need to do is to choose the right one for you!

Did you know that by working out intensely for 3 minutes can actually boost calorie burn throughout the day? Let’s get started!

You can choose to do one or you can take on all five, but make sure you do it for 30 seconds each! If you’re finding you don’t get on well with one method, then move on to the next. It’s important to note that high intensity bursts are key when it comes to burning calories.

Jumping jacks 

You can do these moves anywhere and they’ll be sure to get your heart rate going. Is it just us, or do they take you straight back to your school days? There’s a reason why warm ups always included star jumps. 30 seconds of these and you’ll be raring to go!


Mountain Climbers

This is one of our favourites! This cardio move aids in strengthening your legs and abs.  Make sure you have shoes with good grip or do them bare foot as these are not to be attempted in socks!

 Walking lunges

 Lunges are not only fantastic for toning legs but also your gluteus maximus. They even help with developing balance whilst strengthening your core. Make sure to do these relatively quickly, but ensure your form stays correct to prevent knee or ankle injury. Once you’ve gained enough confidence, try introducing some light weights to add a little more intensity

Jump squat 

This is another one that will really get your heart pumping. Start this exercise by doing a squat as you usually would and then engage your ab muscles while jumping up energetically. Upon landing, lower yourself back into the squat position you were in before and that counts as one rep. You’ll want to try and land as quietly as you can

Knee Ups

This is another method that is great for toning legs. Simply find a step in your house and place one foot on the step and then bring your other leg up so that your knee is raised to your hip level. Repeat this 12 times per leg and feel free to add in some light weights if you wish to.



Do you have a favourite work out that works for you? Let us know!

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