The way in which we purchase products has changed significantly over the past 10 years and is set to continue as our purchasing habits evolve. Online sales in the UK are expected to rise from £44.97billion in 2014 to £52.25billion in 2015.  


One industry in particular that has experienced change is UK pharmacies; once considered the pillar of the high-street. The recognised pharmacy now presents itself ready to compete in the 21st century with websites that can rival technologically advanced companies, yet still offer that special element of customer service required when purchasing health products.

Online pharmacies including DialaChemist have their operations online to meet the needs of their customers as they have identified that purchasing and researching health products requires 24/7 access – not the old 9-5 mentality. This provides the new breed of retailers with a significant advantage over those that have been slow off the mark. By moving online, pharmacies can stock greater inventory of products and also diversify their services to specialise for certain ailments and health conditions – something that traditional bricks and mortar stores cannot compete with. Access to a fully qualified pharmacist that is able to advise a product specific to an ailment is a major benefit for those looking to get a product suitable for the needs of their condition.

But what’s next? Will the traditional pharmacy look to other sectors including the travel industry? The likes of Thomson the leading holiday provider has taken technology back in to store to provide a totally different experience, something that we anticipate can align itself with high-street retailers.

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