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MYTH’S EXPOSED: The Truth About Protein

November 24, 2014

If you’re new to protein, you may come across information or misconceptions about protein when looking to lose weight, tone up or build core strength. FORZA exposes some of the biggest myths encountered about protein.

1. Protein makes you fat

One typical misconception is that the more protein you consume, the fatter you become. WRONG! Eating too many calories on a daily basis and not burning them off are the contributing factors to excessive weight gain. Dieters often use high-protein diets to feel fuller for longer and avoiding energy crashes, therefore an ideal weight loss aid.  

2. Women need a special protein powder

A myth that FORZA regularly hears from customers is whether they require a special women only protein powder. WRONG! Protein is a nutrient that both men and women require, and is one that women should not be scared to incorporate into their diet. The body uses protein to function properly and also helps to tone, build and maintain muscles.  

3. Protein gives you a bodybuilder’s physique

The biggest myth encountered is the fear that taking protein will make you look like a bodybuilder. WRONG! Protein feeds your muscles and to develop a bodybuilder’s physique takes a lot more than just eating protein. If it were that easy to build muscle we would all be doing it! One whey protein that provides high-protein content but also provides additional health benefits including lowering your cholesterol, is FORZA’s LipoWhey Protein Shake.

The formulated whey is low in sugar and fat, provides unrivalled flavour compared to other whey protein’s and is specifically designed to improve heart health.

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