Mum-of-five Suzanne Hull used FORZA Garcinia-C to help transform her figure from a size 18 down to a size 10 in just 12 weeks. She had tried countless diets before but with very little success but after seeing pictures of herself bulging out of her bikini on a family holiday, she suddenly had all of the motivation that she needed.

Mum-of-Five Loses Three Stone in Three Months with FORZA befor and after transformation amazing

She started taking Garcinia-C, a natural weight loss supplement that reduces appetite, blocks the production of fat, improves mood and relieves stress. It is safe, natural and completely stimulant-free, which means its benefits can be enjoyed without any heightened nervousness, palpitations, rapid heart rates or sleeping difficulties often associated with modern diet pills. Transport manager Suzanne combined the pills with an improved diet and more regular exercise regime. As a result, the weight started to fall off her. She said: “I wanted to be fit at forty, not fat at forty. What I had always lacked before was willpower. I would try a diet and then quickly give it up and put back on all the weight I had lost.” In just three months, Suzanne’s weight dropped from 14st 7lbs to 11st 5lbs and she lost an incredible 10 inches from her waist. The married mum, from Leicester, looks like a completely different woman and her new healthier lifestyle is evident as she smiles for the camera in her figure-hugging gym kit.

Mum-of-Five Loses Three Stone in Three Months with FORZA befor and after transformation

She said: “I have got so much more energy and confidence and can’t believe I was able to turn it around so quickly. “The FORZA pills made all the difference. They suppressed my appetite when I was feeling peckish but they also gave me a little pick-me-up which gave me the motivation to go for a run or to the gym when previously I would not have bothered.” Suzanne blames her previous weight problems on having two children in her late thirties. “I had Poppy (now aged three) and I didn’t have a chance to lose my baby weight when I got pregnant with our baby Freddie (aged one) completely by surprise. “It was like I was carrying two lots of baby weight and my body went into a standstill. It was as though it just didn’t want to lose weight." Suzanne is now in such great shape that she often borrows her 12-year-old daughter’s clothes. She has also noticed a real difference in her whole outlook on life since her weight loss. “If I hadn’t done it, I would have been really depressed. You lose all your confidence when you are overweight.” Suzanne admits that she has carried on taking Garcinia-C to make sure she doesn’t pile on the pounds again.