• Leading celebs including Megan Fox and Victoria Beckham are ditching the white stuff
  • Dairy associated with inflaming health conditions including eczema and asthma
  • Weight gain is also considered an increasing issue due to our increased dairy intake

From the high-street to your favourite restaurant, you will be hard pushed to avoid the nation’s favourite products that include cheese, ice cream and milk. FORZA has seen a dramatic increase in the number of its customers looking to cut their intake of dairy to lose inches from their waist. A number of celebrities have also ditched dairy to keep their figures in top shape. Hollywood actress Megan Fox regularly avoids yoghurt and milk to slim down for movie roles.

Many celebrities have also given it up to help their bad skin, which include fashionista Victoria Beckham. Sam Conebar FORZA’s Nutritionist says, “Cutting dairy is udderly ridiculous. The body requires a sufficient intake of dairy based products to provide calcium to maintain the body’s bone strength and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease”.

“There are a number of protein based products which are used to help dieters lose weight”. “Like with everything in life – take it in moderation”.

Expect to see more celebs try the latest “fad” diet – for now dairy is off.