A lawsuit has been filed in Orange County, California, against the popular energy drink manufacturer Monster alleging that the company failed to warn against the potential dangers of Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG), a potent anti-oxidant and most abundant polyphenol in fresh tea leaves. EGCG is a major ingredient in many dietary supplements and comes with a long list of potential health benefits, including weight loss, cardiovascular health and a reduced chance of heart disease. However, the plaintiff has accused Monster of false and misleading advertising regarding “an extremely dangerous and potentially lethal ingredient… known as a liver toxin.”

At FORZA, the EGCG content of our green tea extract is 45%, which although being remarkably high is still legally permitted in the UK. We use this extract in all of our diet pills and fat-burners as well as in our high-strength green tea supplement Jade Emperor. We will continue to follow the progress of this story with great interest and are prepared to make changes to our products should the outcome so require, but for the time being we share the confidence of Monster, whose legal representative had this to say on the matter: “This one will certainly be one to keep an eye on… because if green tea is really a dangerous and deadly ingredient, we might be back to water and bread.”