A new survey by FORZA Supplements has revealed that couples put on an average of 4lbs a year after they wed - and are a stone heavier four years in.

Tying the knot might be the happiest day of your life, but new research shows that marriage makes you fat. Sinking into wedding bliss causes couples to put on an average of 4lbs a year after wedlock, as the comfort of a stable relationship leads many to abandon diets.

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According to a poll of 1,000 people, many of us are more than a stone heavier less than four years after our wedding day. The main reason for piling on the pound is the amount of time they spend staying in and snacking together in front of the TV.

Settled couples also feel under less pressure to look good because they are no longer seeking a partner. Childbirth is another factor - with women in particular blaming this for weight gain. According to the survey, which was conducted by UK diet firm FORZA Supplements, 72% of those polled felt under more pressure to stay slim when they were single because they were still looking for a partner. On the other hand, 82% of couples said that they put on weight after marrying or settling into a stable relationship. And more than half of couples (54%) admitted that they put weight on together. Women in particular felt under less pressure to stay slim, especially if their husband or boyfriend was putting on weight at the same time.

The majority of couples started piling on the pounds in the first year of marriage. For women, this was largely due to putting the weight back on that they had lost prior to the wedding. But both sexes said that the stability provided by a settled relationship resulted in them ‘letting themselves go’. Almost half of those polled said that ‘comfort’ was a significant factor in their weight gain after finding happiness. Four out of ten couples said they had each put on 4lbs a year after wedlock, while almost a fifth of those surveyed said they put on 6lbs a year. A further 22% put on 2lbs a year after their wedding. Only 18% said that marriage had had no bearing on their weight. Interestingly, 64 per cent of those polled admitted that their eating habits mirrored their partners - and they were likely to gain or lose weight in tandem. And a further two-thirds said they would feel under pressure to lose weight if their partner did the same.

Lee Smith, Managing Director of FORZA Supplements, said: “We are all looking to find ‘the one.’ But the comfort this brings can wreck many people’s diets. “It is quite staggering that many couples are a stone heavier less than four years on from their wedding day. “What is also striking about the research is how married men and women’s weight tends to go up in tandem. If one half is letting themselves go, then so is the other. “On a more positive note, if the husband or wife decides to diet, so does their other half.” In a bid to help couples avoid this seemingly inevitable weight gain, FORZA Supplements has just released a new slimming product called Raspberry K2.

The natural fat-burner made up of raspberry extract, caffeine, resveratrol and vitamin K2. Consumers are warned, however, that it may not fix all of the problems associated with marriage.