At FORZA, we love all things natural, honest and healthy, which is why we want to show our support to the Swedish city of Malmö. Sweden’s third largest city behind Stockholm and Gothenburg, Malmö is undergoing a transition from being an industrial centre to an international city of knowledge. And the city has embarked on a rather unique journey to become an all-organic city.

The pioneering and forward-thinking region of Skåne has set itself a target that all of the food procured by the city and served in schools, hospitals and all other institutions will be completely organic by the year 2020. The commitment is part of its 100% sustainable purchasing policy, approved by the city assembly in 2010. According to the policy, “everyone in Malmö has the right to good food”, and this has been put into practice by adopting Sweden’s successful Eat SMART model. By following this Eat SMART model, Malmö aims to decrease greenhouse emissions by 40% (based on levels taken from 2002) by 2020 and become an all-organic food purchaser.

According to Gunilla Andersson, the project manager at the city’s environmental strategy division, Malmö’s plans to become all-organic had not been met with any substantial resistance and she felt that the wide support for a 100% sustainable food system could be put down to the country’s mature attitude to food, health and wellbeing. She added: “Food education starts very early in Sweden and good food values are embedded in national institutions, so perhaps it’s easier to gain support for more ambitious sustainability initiatives here.”

Home to 300,000 residents from over 170 different nationalities, Malmö has reinvented itself as a cosmopolitan and eco-friendly hub, with a contemporary art gallery, a modern harbour and some truly inspirational urban architecture, such as the Turning Torso, a 620ft tall skyscraper with a unique twisting design. Malmö is also home to the world’s first Puckelball pitch - a protected design concept by artist Johan Strom, who considers it as a metaphor for life. Its aim is to provide a new and imaginative game that encourages its residents to interact outdoors, regardless of age, gender, skill level and physical ability.

Strom said: “Many live under the belief that life is a fair playing field and that both pitch halves are just as big and the goal always has at least one angle. But ultimately the ball never bounces exactly where you want it to and the pitch is both bumpy and uneven. “The pitch’s irregularities neutralise the players’ skills. It is not at all certain that the best football player is also the greatest Puckelball hero. If the ball doesn’t bounce where you think it will then everybody has a chance.” We wish Malmö the best of luck in its goal of becoming one of Europe’s leading eco-cities.