The sun header 23 stone dad's weight plunge
Published: 17th February 2013
Super Slimmer before and after transformation large over sized pants
Trim ... Pete Cavender shows off his old 48in jeans
CHUBBY dad Pete Cavender took drastic action to lose eight stone — after getting STUCK in a log flume at Legoland.
Pete’s 23-stone bulk weighed down the ride so much it would not budge in the fast-moving water. The engineer, 37, said: “The log just got stuck. I was mortified, particularly as my three daughters were there.” His weight had ballooned as he travelled around the South-East for his work. He would live off snacks and fast food and not think twice about having a ten-piece family KFC bucket to himself.  
Super Slimmer before and after transformation before transformation
Former self ... Pete Cavender slobbed out
Dad-of-three Pete said: “I had a 48-inch waist and I knew that if I didn’t change my lifestyle I was going to run into serious health problems.” That day at Legoland, in Windsor, Bucks, was the spur. He lost the weight using a calorie-counting app on his phone to help watch what he ate and took Raspberry Ketone diet pills used by US stars Oprah Winfrey and Kim Kardashian. He said: “The diet pills were a really important step. But they don’t just work on their own: you need to combine them with a good diet and regular exercise.”  
Stuck in the rear of the log ride picture
Stuck ... in the rear of the log ride
Pete of Maidstone, Kent, is delighted the pills, imported by Forza Supplements and available on Amazon, have transformed his life. And now he can properly cuddle his daughters for the first time in years. He said: “They tell me now, ‘Dad, we can get our arms around you’.” He also wants another go on the log flume, adding: “This time I won’t get stuck.”