Konjac fibre is derived from a plant that grows in subtropical and tropical regions of eastern Asia. It’s well known for its starchy corm that resembles elephant yam, so many people confuse these two plants although they have nothing in common. Konjac grows best in places with moderate rainfall and a soil structure like Korea, Japan, India and China.

Konjac fibre has been used in Chine for many centuries and there are even records showing that the Han Dynasty (ruled 2 thousand years ago) recommended it as a treatment for skin disorders, infection, cough and asthma.

Konjac Processing

It’s very hard to process Konjac in a traditional way. You have to separate corms from the plant and then wash them and peel by hand. After that you have to slice them and leave to get dried.

Modern process, on the other hand, is quicker and less labour intensive and includes the use of the modern machinery. Both processes have on goal – to get a greater concentration of glucomannan. The plants are usually transplanted in their third year when their level of glucomannan  is at its peak.

Glucomannan is a dietary fibre that makes up about 40% of the plants corm and it is the reason why Konjac has become so popular. Today, it’s mainly used for weight loss and supplementing dietary fibre.


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Konjac Fibre and Weight Loss

The reason behind its weight loss success is glucomannan ability to act like a sponge and absorb 20 times its own weight in water. As it expands after ingestion and promotes the feeling of fullness, it is usually taken before meals with a full glass of water.

Apart from that, Konjac is the richest source of soluble fibre in nature, and we all know how badly we need to consume fibres for weight loss.

Konjac fibre has been associated with many benefits and different studies have shown its positive effect on constipation, diabetes, hypo and hyperglycemia, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Konjac Fibre Supplements

Thanks to glucomannan, Konjac Fibre has become a leading supplement in the weight loss industry. It is the most common ingredient in many fat burners and similar weight loss supplements. Its effectiveness has been scientifically proven to work and even famous Dr OZ spoke highly of this important fibre, calling it a new weight loss miracle.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that many people opt for supplements containing Konjac fibre and its popularity will only increase in the future.

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