Phentra50 is a brand new clinical grade fat-burner from FORZA’s sister brand Atom Labs. It has been engineered to speed up certain biochemical processes responsible for weight regulation. This allows you to not only lose body fat, but to keep it off indefinitely.

To yield maximum results from this product, users are advised to follow a strict three phase model. This allows the body to adjust to the strength and purity of the ingredients and will also minimise the chance of any negative side effects. This three phase model can also be used to achieve varying degrees of weight loss.

Whether you want to lose a significant amount of body fat or just want to get toned for summer, you can take different dosages to achieve your goals. Whatever your aims, you are able to double the effects of your own weight loss efforts and improve the effectiveness of any diet, exercise plan or lifestyle change. Phentra50 will retail at £60 but currently has a sale price of £26.