• A recent report by On Your Feet Britain believes office workers roles may be contributing to the nation’s health problems
  • Workers are required to move more or risk long term health issues

Working 9-5 may be a way to earn a living, but it might also be detrimental to your health – particularly if you work in an office. A recent survey by the British Heart Foundation and Get Britain Standing found that 47% of women spend less than 30 minutes on their feet at work, with only 37% men achieving this.

A staggering 78% of office workers that were surveyed felt they spent too long at their desk sitting down, with two-thirds worried it was negatively impacting their health. On Your Feet Britain suggests that staff should be encouraged to move more and avoid sitting for long periods, with long term damage to the body. The group suggests staff should stand regularly and introduce standing meetings / desks. Back in 2013 FORZA Supplements conducted a survey that found eating at your desk at work piled on the pounds, as more of us are also taking shorter breaks.

Employers are urged to look after the welfare of their staff by ensuring adequate breaks are provided with areas for staff to unwind. Breaking your daily routine can have positive effects on your long term health and help to burn more calories.