Is this the new F45? Cult workout loved by celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Victoria's Secret models to launch in Australia - and you can burn up to 4000 kilojoules in an HOUR!


People often claim that once you attend a workout class you'll never go back to any other form of exercise. Barry's Boot camp, which boasts a ream of celebrity fans in the USA and UK, including Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba and Victoria's Secret models is no different. 

The workout regime is now on its way to Australia, in what is being billed as the first "luxury" fitness offering in the country. 

So why is this workout becoming so popular?

The famously hardcore classes claim to burn up to 1000 calories per hour an spike metabolism for 48 hours afterwards. 

Classes are made up of 25 minute intervals mainly based around cardio and treadmill routine and then a 25 minute routine surrounding strength and conditioning before a 5 minute cool down. Workouts take place in a signature "red room" - an immersive and high energy environment featuring mood lighting and nightclub style music. 

The Barry's brand and workout have become an iconic part of the fitness industry in the USA and London, being based on delivering an unrivaled fitness product paired with a concierge style experience. 

From the time the client arrives in the studio to when they are ready to leave, Barry's have  have accounted for every step of their visit to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience. 

Barry's Bootcamp

Speaking of her love of Barry's Boot camp, Kim Kardashian has said in the past that it is the one workout she swears by to stay in shape. "It's a treadmill workout but its really insane, like heavy heavy working out non stop for an hour, half weights half treadmill" 

Victoria's Secret models including Adriana Lima adore the classes, while the Beckham's, Ellis Goulding and Jessica Alba have been known to attend the boot camp regularly. 

As in the UK and US, Barry's Boot-camp studios will also offer athleisure and performance sportswear for sale, as well as changing rooms with luxury grooming products and a fuel bar to re-hydrate customers with smoothies and protein shakes.