Over the last year alone Forza has worked with thousands of dieters to help them achieve their weight loss and fitness goals. We receive hundreds of emails from those that we have helped on their slimming journey and here we share with you one dieter’s tale. 

Clothes shopping! It’s the joy of women all over the country but for me it was something I dreaded. It was only when six months ago I realised that I could no longer fit into the biggest size they sell in the shop, size 22, that I needed to make a change. I was out shopping with friends trying to find a dress for a summer party, I picked up a dress I liked and went to try it on. But when I tried to fasten the zip I realised it wasn’t going to fit. I was angry and upset that I had allowed myself to get like this; I had never been a skinny girl but I was now the heaviest I had ever been.

After feeling sorry for myself for a while, I decided to kick myself into action and lose some weight.  The first thing I did was completely change my diet, I cut out red meat and instead ate chicken and turkey. I also cut back on the amount of carbs I was eating and also the amount of dairy products. Within weeks I had started to notice the difference and the weight started dropping off; I also started exercising regularly and going to aerobic classes! I loved the exercising but the diet was hard to get used to, after all I was used to lots of sugary foods and carbs. So how did I make it easier for myself?

Fruit and Vegetables Before I decided to lose weight the closest I got to vegetables was a packet of crisps! I definitely wasn’t getting my five portions of fruit and veg a day. I decided that I was going to change this and started having either a piece of fruit of vegetables with every meal. I was amazed with how much healthier I felt after just a week of adding fruit and vegetables to my diet. A diet rich in fruit and vegetables lessens your chance of heart disease and can lower high blood pressure. Now I’m always snacking on some kind of fruit or vegetables and I’m definitely seeing the benefits.

Healthy Recipes I had become so used to eating unhealthy food that my taste buds weren’t used to eating healthily. At first, eating healthily was boring and didn’t taste as good as the fast food I was used to eating. I started looking up healthy recipes online and soon realised that eating healthily didn’t have to be boring. I made salad dishes, soups, risottos all of which were really healthy and filling. Soon cooking my dinner became fun and I looked forward to trying out new healthy dishes.

Cutting Back I knew when I embarked on my new healthy eating routine I was going to have to cut back on the foods I had grown to love. There were the obvious foods like chocolate and crisps that were got the cut, but I also limited the amount of red meat and dairy I ate.  Although I didn’t cut it out completely, I felt so much better for doing so and no longer felt as bloated. I also started taking Forza Multivitamins for Dieters to make sure that I was still getting all the key nutrients I needed after cutting back on certain foods.

Now I still don’t fit into a size 22 but that’s because it’s too big! I am now a size 14 and a few pounds away from my goal weight. Dieting was by no means a walk in the park for me but I have now completely transformed my diet. No more are the days where I would have finished two bags of crisps before lunchtime, now I snack on fruit and vegetables!

Have you been inspired by this story or got a weight loss story of your own to share? Email us or leave a comment below.