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I had to lose 5 STONES to have my first bonk!

June 11, 2013

Magazine cover, lose 5 STONES to have my first bonk

 At almost 20 stone the maintenance workerdidn’t have the confidence to even talk to a girl, never mind go on a date or tumble into bed with one. “My man boobs were so big I could easilyhave borrowed my sister’s bra to keep them up. “I was so embarrassed about how I looked with my top off that I used to go swimming in a T-shirt. I didn’t want anyone to see me.” Attractive Ben, from Rochford in Essex, wasdetermined to sort his life out so he couldstart dating girls, like his mates. And lastautumn he set himself a target – shed five stone and shed his virginity. Ben achieved his goal with regular sessions at the gym, a healthier diet and by taking Forza Supplements’ Raspberry Ketone capsules – and is now a strapping bodybuilder. His weight has gone down from 19.5st to just 14.5st. He’s lost 10 inches from his waist, dropping from 42in to 32in, and his body fat is 17 per cent. He’s finally a hit with the ladies too, and is now happily settled with his hairdresser girlfriend Fern McGowan, 18. He said: “For the first time in my life I would have women coming up to me when I was out with my mates making it clear they were interested me. “The only difference this time was that I could tell they weren’t joking. My confidence soared and I finally had sex for the first time. “It is wonderful to know that you are attractive to the opposite sex. I remember when it dawned on me that I could be a success with girls. “I was just elated. It was so nice just to be like normal lads my age. “My love life is fantastic now – all the problems I previously had with girls have gone.” Before getting fit, Ben’s diet was made up of supersize McDonald’s meals, chocolate bars and crisps. “My weight crept up and before I knew it I was seriously overweight,” he added. “I would get the odd unkind comment. I’d get called ‘Fatty Boom Boom’. “I was so out of condition I got out of breath walking up and down the stairs.” Ben quickly became addicted to exercise after he started bodybuilding last year. He said: “I learnt more about diet and nutrition and the weight just fell off me. “The Raspberry Ketone pills really accelerated the weight loss. I could not have done it without them.” Raspberry Ketones were hailed as a miracle diet cure after being featured on the US medical show Dr Oz – quickly selling out in America and Canada and are made from 100 per cent natural ingredients.

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