Mail online article, Deni Kirkova member of the British Navy loses weight and enjoys a bit of sunbathing

By DENI KIRKOVA A female member of the British Navy has revealed how seven years in the service left her five stone overweight. Jodie Williams, 34, was a radar operator in the Navy and spent most of her time outnumbered by men. But just as her male colleagues would wind down by drinking pints of beer and eating takeaways, so Jodie would join in. The unhealthy lifestyle quickly saw her pile on the pounds. Jodie, from Walderslade, Kent, admits that during her seven years in the Navy she was the life and soul of the party and would match her male colleagues drink for drink and then go for a curry afterwards.

Dani Kirkova member of the british navy loses weight and enjoys a bit of sunbathing

Jodie, who was honoured with an Air Operations Medal and served her country all over the world., says she loved her job - but saw the Navy lifestyle took a real toll on her figure as she ate and drank more and saw her weight soar out of control. When she joined she was a slim size ten, super-fit and weighed just 10st 2lb with a 29 inch waist. When she left seven years later, her weight had shot up to 14st 10lb, she was a size 18 with a 42 inch waist. 'I used to eat and drink like a bloke,' she says. Jodie knew she had to turn her life around and decided to regain the figure she had when she was a new naval recruit. She admits that her diet at the time was a bit of a disaster. 'I hated being overweight. It stripped me of a lot of my natural confidence,' said Jodie. 'I hit rock bottom and realised I needed to change.' She started going to the gym and swapped her bad diet for healthy food. Jodie puts her success in part down to Forza Raspberry Ketone - a diet supplement used by Oprah Winfrey and Kim Kardashian that is said to suppress appetite and speed up metabolism.

Dani Kirkova member of the british navy before losing weight transformation

'The real spur to lose weight came when I saw my figure changing and how much better I looked,' she says. 'The weight came off me fairly easily and I was seeing a real change in my outlook and how other people perceived me. It was really quite inspiring.' Her weight decreased from 14 stone to just above 10 stone. Jodie loved her new appearance so much that she completely changed her image. Ditching the capacious, frumpy dresses she wore to hide her body, Jodie started stepping out in boob tubes and other funkier clothes. The one downside of all the weight loss was that her breasts 'disappeared'. 'They had shot up to a 36D when I was overweight,' said Jodie. 'But once I had lost the weight my boobs were just empty and had no definition. So I had a boob job and went up to a 32F to get my figure back.' Though she admits: 'I think I overdid slightly because they are too big now.' After shedding the pounds Jodie has revealed a stunning new look complete with cropped hairstyle and fitted clothes which show off her tanned new figure. The newly single Jodie also noticed a different reaction from men immediately.

Tonned and tanned Dnei Kirkova member of the British Navy loses weight befor and after transformation

 'I'd walk into a bar and just know that I was being looked at. It did wonders for my confidence and finally I was dating men who I had chosen rather than the other way around. It was liberating to be completely in charge of my own destiny,' she said. Pretty and fun-loving, Jodie, was never short of a boyfriend, even at her heaviest. But one crucial fact meant she was unlikely to find happiness. 'I used to go out with whoever wanted to go out with me - not the other way around,' she said. 'I settled down with one man because I was fat and I was worried I was going to get left on the shelf. Basically I was always settling for second best.'

'Once I had lost the weight my boobs were just empty and had no definition so I had boob job and switched to a 32F to get my figure back. I think I overdid slightly because they are too big now'

But just months after achieving her ideal weight and after her breast operation, Jodie met the man of her dreams on a night out. Things have gone from strength to strength and the happy couple now live together in Kent. The Raspberry Ketone diet pills Jodie used to help her slim suppress the appetite and release caffeine for energy and to increase resting metabolism. They claim to allows users to burn more calories even when they are not exercising. 'They don't just work on their own - you have to combine them with exercise and a good diet,' said Jodie. 'But they make such a difference. Just when you are feeling peckish in between meals you take a pill and it takes your mind off food. They really helped me to get down to my idea weight. 'Now I am at 10 stone I still take them to keep my weight steady. I have my weight under control with the changes in my lifestyle. I will never be fat again.' Jodie has also finally met the man of her dreams and has never been happier. 'Everything is good in my life. I am so thrilled with how things have turned out,' she said.

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