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How Weight Loss Pills Work

June 09, 2016

With more than 2 billion people struggling to lose weight, one question never stops to intrigue me – why they don’t use weight loss pills? It’s maybe the fear or just the lack of knowledge that prevents them from utilising powerful formulas and losing weight.

However, diet pills should not be something you should be scared off or avoided. Instead, you should look at them as a tool that will get you closer to your goal – a healthy weight.

The Science Behind Weight Loss Pills

Before you start using anything, you need to know 2 things: how it works and how to use it. Weight loss pills can increase the amount of calories burned, increase the energy outflow and suppress appetite.

So we can classify them into 2 groups:

1. Burned Calories and Energy Outflow

Weight loss pills known as “thermogenic fat burners” increase the energy expenditure and use calories in food as fuel. These calories are taken and provide essential energy that enables our body to function.

Simply put, thermo genesis is a process where calories are burned and converted into heat while you are doing some kind of physical activity. Our body needs these calories (or energy) to do everyday functions like breathing.

So if your goal is to lose weight, you should increase the amount of calories being burned on a daily basis, which will require physical activity. However, weight loss pills contain ingredients that allow your body to burn more calories even if you are doing regular everyday activities. So basically, diet pills allow you to lose weight without exercising.

They boost body’s fuel needs to a level where there are significantly more calories needed than what we actually get from the food, which causes our body to start breaking down its storage fat as fuel. And when we burn stored fat, we lose weight – it’s that simple.

Healthy drinking and healthy living on the beach


2. Appetite Suppression

There are also “appetite suppressant” weight loss pills designed to help suppress the appetite. They trick our brain into thinking we are full, causing us to eat less.

But how’s that even possible?

Well, the brain controls the feeling of fullness (our appetite). It uses chemical messengers called neurotransmitters (serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine) to receive the information. So to control the appetite, there should be an increased amount of these neurotransmitters in our body, and this is how weight loss pills are able to suppress appetite.

Thanks to their ingredients, diet pills increase the neurotransmitters levels and decrease the appetite, cutting down our calorie intake, which leads to weight loss.

Which Weight Loss Pills To Use

Before using supplements FORZA strongly recommends that you start eating a healthy diet and exercise at least 3 times per day. This will be a a great basis for weight loss supplements and it will maximise their effect. And now that you know how weight loss pills work, now all you have to do is find the one that fits your needs.

FORZA has a wide range of products, including Fat Burner, Raspberry K2, Konjac Fibre, Hydratrim and Shake it Slim.

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