So this post is slightly more amusing than most as we get to examine the question of How to Weigh Breasts.

Now this may seem like the most awkward task in the world but in reality it's not impossible; bear with me. 

How to Weigh Breasts

Our customer service team frequently gets asked if there is a way to determine how much bodyweight is tied up in boob-weight. The common answer is to weigh them. How you may ask? read on.

It’s really difficult to determine the exact weight of your breast since you can’t simply use a scale. However, there is a way to measure your breasts and get a precise number. It is called the water displacement method and anyone can do it from the comfort of their home.

So let’s take a look at this unusual measurement.

How to Weigh Breasts

The Water Displacement Method

Submerging your breasts in a bowl of watercan give you a better idea of How to Weigh Breasts and is the most accurate way to weight your boobs. All you need is a kitchen scale, a large-size bowl and a waterproof tray.

This method consists of 6 easy steps that anyone can follow:

  1. First, you need to weigh the empty tray.
  2. Then, fill the bowl with warm water all the way to the brim, and place it on the tray. The temperature of the water is for your convenience only and won’t affect the measurement.
  3. Lower yourself and find a position in which your breast is fully submerged in the bowl of water. The breast will cause the water to spill on the tray. Just make sure not to wear a bra while doing this and that all water stays on the tray.
  4. Now place the tray filled with water on the kitchen scale and measure it.
  5. Subtract the weight from the empty tray from the tray filled with water.
  6. Do a conversion by multiplying the weight of the water by 0.9 and you’ll get the accurate weight of your breast.

Repeat all steps using the other breast, as their size, shape and weight is usually slightly different.


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