Over the last year alone Forza has worked with thousands of dieters to help them achieve their weight loss and fitness goals. We receive hundreds of emails from those that we have helped on their slimming journey and here we share with you one dieter’s tale. 

‘Do you want to go out for dinner tonight?’, as someone on a diet these were words that I dreaded to hear. I found that since kick-starting my diet, routine is key! If I plan what I am going to eat and when I am going to exercise I’ve got less chance of slipping up. So what do I do when out of the blue my friends ask if I want to go out for dinner or have a take-away? It’s a problem that all those on a diet suffer with, you don’t want to miss out on catching up with friends but you don’t want to mess up all your hard work.

So how do I get the best of both worlds? When I first started losing weight I avoided restaurants and takeaways at all costs but with birthdays and work outings, I wanted to find a way of eating out and being healthy at the same time.

Eating out at restaurants Before I started losing weight, I would go to a restaurant and order a three-course meal as well as helping myself to my friends’ meals too! I saw it as an opportunity to eat as much as I possibly could and friends would straightaway give me any food they didn’t want. Now when I go to restaurants, I always look at the menu online beforehand and pick out exactly what I am going to have to avoid any slip-ups. Restaurants often provide nutritional info now which means I can keep track of what I’m eating. I always make sure I go for the lighter options as these still leave me full but often have half the calories! I will drink plenty of water during the day and have found that this leaves me feeling a lot less hungry. The best way of making sure I don’t overindulge though is by taking my trusty Forza Raspberry K2 capsules! I’ll take one in the morning after my breakfast and then one again after my lunch. I find that this suppresses my appetite throughout the day and makes sure I’m not constantly snacking like before. They’re great for when I go out to eat because it means I’m not tempted to overeat.  These days, I look forward to going out to eat with friends and colleagues and don’t avoid it like I used to!

Takeaways I used to get through about two to three takeaways a week, but now I try to avoid them. The trouble is, unlike restaurants it’s harder to be healthy with takeaways. Chinese takeaways are my weakness and before I started losing weight I would eat as many spring rolls as I could get my hands on! Although the food was never going to be as healthy as a salad, I found that I could make it healthier. Now when I order a Chinese with my friends, I cut out the deep-fried starters and stick to a stir-fry. On the whole, I have stopped eating as many takeaways as I used to but when I do I will make it as healthy as I possibly can.


Before, eating out at restaurants and takeaways were an excuse for me to eat more than I should. Now, I’m a totally new person and I am completely focused on eating healthily! I feel so much better and could never return to my old ways.

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