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Could Your House Make You FAT? Surprising Findings Suggest Layout Changes To Battle Against Weight Gain And Body Fat

June 15, 2015

  • Research suggests your house could cause weight gain and develop body fat
  • Routine and house layout are two contributing factors to fat gain
  • Experts suggest changing the layout of your house to proactively move more

Weight gain and problem fat is largely blamed on poor diet and exercise decisions, but what if your house could be the source of all those extra pounds?

New research from top psychologists and Medical Doctors, suggests that your home, and its corresponding layout, could be making you fat. For example, individuals who keep their coffee table close to their sofa are heavier than individuals who do not. The same can be said of watching television while eating, or making a habit out of getting ice cream after you watch a movie. These habitual routines cause us to make unconscious decisions about our eating habits leading to weight gain.

Tiny house figurine on hand


Could your house be the cause of your body fat and weight gain? Study suggest weight gain could be caused by your home.

Additionally, research shows that the simple act of eating white rice on a white plate leads to eating approximately 20% more than you would on a black plate. Contrasting your food colors with your plate color can make a marked difference in how much you eat. Finding a happy medium for your plate size is also important. Too large and you may overeat, too small and you’ll go back for seconds.

Getting rid of problem body fat is not as simple as cutting back on sweets, we need to take proactive steps to counteract subconscious habits. If you think your home is making you fat, look at your portion sizes, layout, and access to junk foods. You might be surprised by how much weight you can lose by making a few small changes.

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