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Hold The Phone! New studies find that smartphones are actually making us dumb because they distract us too much

August 03, 2015 1 Comment

  • Smartphones are an essential need of everyone these days
  • In a recent experiment, students were easily distracted by the smartphones which were given to them to help with their studies
  • Experts are warning that smartphones could be damaging our intelligence
  • The students agreed that smartphones didn’t help with their studies

Technology has become more and more revolutionary in the things that it can do. This is particularly the case with our beloved Smartphones. In this day and age it seems that no one is anything without their Smartphone! In a recent experiment, students were given iPhones to help them with their studies. But rather than using it for their assignments, the students were found to be using it more for social media, music, and chatting to their friends. The experiment was conducted over a year long period by psychologists at Rice University in Texas, and found that the students were constantly being distracted by their Smartphones even when they were supposed to be studying!

Girls with smartphones texting

The psychologists gave students iPhones to help improve their learning. This was done with the hope that the students would use the device for education purposes such as browsing for information, watching tutorials, and joining forums where they could discuss their studies. Surprisingly, the students also thought that their new handset would enable them to do better. But a year later, the outcome was very different!

The study found that Smartphones were a huge distraction to students that got in the way of their education. Professor Phillip Kortum said of the study ‘I thought this group of students would immediately grasp the educational benefits of this technology and use it’. This has led many to question whether Smartphones are actually making us less smart! In an age where everybody relies on their Smartphone, experts are questioning their effects. Smartphones are now an essential part of people’s lives but studies like these may just lead people to reconsider just how often they use the beloved device. Do you think your Smartphone is making you dumb? Tell us what you think and leave a comment below!

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August 01, 2016

Not only are smartphones distracting but i think they also have a negative impact on memory.

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