• Flight delayed until safe plane weight achieved
  • 10 passengers voluntarily changed flights receiving £250 compensation
  • Event happened at London Southend Airport

A frightening situation occurred this week for a plane full of easyJet passengers, with a pilot calling over the tannoy that the plane cannot take off. More reassuringly it was not a mechanical fault but rather that the easyJet plane was too heavy to fly! Wind conditions at London Southend Airport in Essex were high and would make taking off too dangerous for the 156 passenger Airbus 319.

After an hour spent on the tarmac – 10 passengers volunteered to get off the easyJet plane, allowing it to continue on its journey to Malaga. Passengers that volunteered were each given £250 in compensation and re-booked onto a flight. One passenger told The Sun On Sunday “The biggest mystery is the fact they asked exactly ten passengers to leave, but some were fat, some were thin, some had luggage and some didn't.”

“Quite a few people put their hands up and easyJet just selected a few at random. How can they be sure this brought the plane down to a safe weight? It's not very reassuring.”

Safety comes first, but is this a sign of things to come? The obesity crisis may inflict more flight delays and increase the cost of flying for all.