Slower progress this week but I'm still heading in the right direction... another half a pound off which feels a bit disappointing when I look at that on its own so I'm picking myself back up with a recap that I've now lost a total of 4lbs in less than 4 weeks!

That's without making too many changes to my routine, so I am feeling happy about that. The best outcome this week is that someone noticed the weight lost, they said they could definitely see a difference and thought I was looking good.

Woohoo! I'm still taking two capsules in the morning before breakfast and one in the afternoon, around 3.00pm. Whereas I used to regularly skip breakfast I do find that I need to eat within about half an hour of taking the capsules which has helped me to be more disciplined with meal planning.  I used the slow cooker a couple of days this week stuffed full of delicious vegetables and extra lean meat, so for a relatively small amount of effort it's been a great way to stick to healthy nutritious meals.

I've also been more relaxed about telling people I was using dietary supplements to help with weight loss.  People generally seemed to have extreme views on this issue, I think some people automatically assume that it must be some illegal internet purchase that arrived in a brown paper package. Once I explain about raspberry K2 and the way ketones work with the body's natural process of breaking down fats that usually leads to a very different conversation. I'm starting to count down the weeks to my holiday and hoping that I might be able to squeeze back into that summer wardrobe if I keep up this level of weight-loss.  I might even treat myself to a few new outfits too... well we all deserve a little reward for our efforts don't we???