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Gear Up for Summer Weight Loss with Phentra50

June 26, 2013

Phentra50 by Atom Labs offers both men and women a safe, effective way to look good in time for summer. Nicknamed 'The Diet Accelerator', the maximum strength slimming tablets have been shown to drastically reduce hunger in dieting individuals. The formula works by activating key neuropeptides responsible for regulating appetite and manipulating them into sending the brain false signals that the body is full. As well as increasing satiety, Phentra50 uses the latest know-how in weight loss science to place the body into an elevated state of fat-burning frenzy. There are three ways in which the diet pills can help men and women who want to parade around this summer showing off the perfect beach body.
  1. Increases the feeling of being full by manipulating the brain’s hunger signals.
  2. Burns belly fat, eliminates flabby thighs and tones unshapely buttocks.
  3. Delivers a potent energy boost capable of fuelling high intensity workout sessions.
Phentra50 will be available in July 2013 to buy from the FORZA Supplements website. Alternatively, you can reserve yours today by sending your name and email address to

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