FORZA has started designing a number of different patented blends in order to further set itself apart from other supplement manufacturers. The new blends, all of which will incorporate natural ingredients, will eventually be introduced into the entire line of weight loss and sports nutrition products to add an even higher degree of originality and to prevent other brands from copying their formulations. DynamoBlend™ is one of the new blends and is primarily aimed at boosting energy. It contains Caffeine, Beta-Alanine and a potent form of Vitamin B₁₂ known as Methylcobalamin. This blend will feature in diet pills as well as in energy and endurance products. PyroBlend™ is another new blend and has been specifically designed to raise body temperature and increase thermogenic activity. It will contain a number of important B vitamins, Black Pepper extract and Capsinoids. This blend will be reserved for extreme fat burners that aim to really turn up the heat.