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FORZA Teams Up with Label Apeel to Produce a Potential Award Winner

May 21, 2013

FORZA Teams Up with Label Apeel for awards

 After taking the weight loss industry by storm with its unique collection of Healthy Living products, FORZA is now planning to achieve a similarly high level of success within the sports nutrition sector with its FORZA BLACK range. After deciding to turn more of its attention towards bodybuilders, power athletes and endurance trainers, the Kent-based supplement manufacturer realised that it needed a completely fresh approach when it came to product packaging. In searching for a label design worthy to wrap around its latest creation, a powerful pre-workout powder called Proteus that claims to let users train like a hero and win like a god, FORZA ended up approaching the accomplished Leicester-based firm Label Apeel, whose name is synonymous within the industry for quality, passion and experience. Both parties set out to develop a flawless label with a view of submitting the finished design into the next round of UK Packaging Awards. The digital label design features both a spot UV varnish and a high-build gloss varnish to give different raised effects and was printed on silver to provide a subtle but powerful shine around the outline of the main title lettering. When asked about his experience of collaborating with FORZA, Label Apeel Managing Director Stuart Kellock said: “Working with the team at FORZA has been an absolute pleasure.

The two companies share a passion for excellence and the end result is an absolutely fantastic design which has been captured in print perfectly. “We were thrilled with the results and can’t wait for the next project. This is a shining example of two award-winning companies coming together to create something that is greater than the sum of its not inconsiderable parts.” The product itself has also been created to the same high standard, combining recognised stimulants, powerful Nitric Oxide generators and high-impact strength providers. The instantised powder comes in two delicious flavours and mixes effortlessly into a smooth, sweet and invigorating pre-workout performance drink. The formula has received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from gym trials up and down the UK and will be the spearhead of FORZA’s sports nutrition movement.

According to FORZA Managing Director Lee Smith, "Legal sports performance supplementation is booming and we are keen to stamp our mark on the industry in a much bigger way. “As a company we are only as good as our suppliers and in this case we believe Label Apeel is the best. The company’s in-house technology will bring out the best in our design team as they seek to push the printing techniques to the absolute limit. “FORZA BLACK will carry on our ethos that everything we create should be engaging and effective. Not only do we want to win prizes for our products but also for our designs. This keeps our entire team working doggedly to be the best."

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