FORZA has released a new 30 capsule version of its hugely popular T5 Super Strength fat burner. The smaller quantity pot is cost-effective and offers customers a reasonable way of trying the product before purchasing the 60 capsule version. These unisex diet pills are one of the most popular weight management products currently sold in the UK, yet they may not be right for everybody. The smaller pot size is ideal for those customers who would like to sample the effects of the pills before committing to a full month’s supply. The smaller quantity pot of diet pills is also a great, cost-effective choice for individuals who use the pills as a pre-workout boost and only use the pills two or three times a week. Regardless of the size of pot that is purchased, T5 Super Strength:
  • Unlocks the body’s fat-burning potential to maximize weight loss
  • Reduces hunger to cure any unhealthy eating habits
  • Raises energy levels to improve motivation and increase the desire to take part in exercise
  • Contains a unique combination of natural herbal ingredients in optimum fat-burning proportions