FORZA T5 Super Acai is a stimulating diet formula that aims to rapidly increase energy levels, making it easier for users to remain focused on achieving their weight loss goals. Among the users greatly benefitting from T5 Super Acai is Charley90, who recently offered the following comments about the diet pills on as a measure of the product’s success: “I’ve only been using these for 7 days but already I’ve managed to shift 7lbs so I’m quite chuffed to say the least.

As a busy mum of 2 babies I find it hard to stick to a regular fitness routine but these T5s gave me the boost I needed. I find its best to take 1 after breakfast & 1 around 1hr before a gym/exercise session. These are not miracle pills & you do need to exercise & change your eating habits to see results.” The natural slimming supplement contains a pure and potent Acai Berry extract to help rid the body of potentially harmful toxins while supporting rapid weight loss at the same time. It also supports advanced muscle toning and definition, and allows users to unlock their body’s fat-burning potential by suppressing appetite, controlling metabolic rate, stimulating energy and assisting total body detoxification.