Now into its second year of existence, FORZA T5 Black Heat continues to receive waves of positive feedback from happy dieters and fitness enthusiasts. T5 Black Heat combines the immense power of an extreme fat burner with the red hot firepower found in Capsaicin to produce one of the hottest thermogenic weight loss products on the market. The hardcore fat burners also contain a potent combination of herbal extracts that incinerate fat reserves and send energy levels soaring. Among the users benefitting from the anabolic power is Daniel Clark, who offered the following comments about FORZA T5 Black Heat on as a measure of the product’s success:

“Excellent product for anyone wanting extra energy for exercise or merely trying to lose weight. I have taken them for a month and with exercise have lost nearly a stone in weight and I am noticeably stronger. I have taken T5 products once before and these are definitely the best quality and strongest. I have a small breakfast and then take one of these pills at lunchtime or 30 minutes before I go to the gym and then I treat myself to a decent and filling dinner. I’ve never taken more than one a day as personally I believe there is no need, due to the strength. But I believe you can increase the dosage to two a day, if desired. Great Product.”