FORZA Super 5-HTP, an exciting new mood enhancer, has an intriguing way of alerting users that the product is working. Dubbed the ‘blueberry effect’ by the FORZA team, this psychological trigger is highly unique and very tasty.

The safe and effective formula used in the 5-HTP supplement can have a positive impact on many aspects of general health and wellbeing. It helps to relieve stress and tension, correct sleep patterns, enhance mental alertness and control compulsive behavior, such as binge-eating, which ultimately aids in weight loss. The 5-HTP supplement accomplishes all of this by raising Serotonin levels in the brain. Super 5-HTP contains no synthetic flavours, artificial colours or unnatural preservatives. It does, however, send out a tasty signal to notify users that its weight loss and stress relief abilities have been engaged. Approximately 10 minutes after taking the capsules, users will notice a distinct blueberry taste in their throat. This psychological trigger helps the subconscious mind tune in to the activity taking place within the body that has been brought about by the ingredients in these revolutionary weight loss pills. The “blueberry effect” also treats the senses to a refreshing and fruity experience.