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FORZA Super 5-HTP - A Natural Nootropic?

May 11, 2013

FORZA Super 5-HTP contains a potent blend of 5-HTP, Rhodiola Rosea and L-Theanine, making it a potential natural Nootropic. Nootropics are the so-called smart drugs that are able to improve mental functions such as cognition, memory, intelligence, motivation, attention, and concentration. 5-HTP is an amino acid that can be taken to help raise the level of the ‘happy hormone’ Serotonin in the brain. Restoring balance can positively affect many aspects of general health and wellbeing. This alone makes FORZA Super 5-HTP extremely popular.

Yet the inclusion of Rhodiola Rosea and L-Theanine, both of which provide users with a greater sense of clarity, has people wondering whether FORZA Super 5-HTP may also offer Nootropic benefits. Besides its ability to stimulate Serotonin and Dopamine levels, Rhodiola Rosea increases stress tolerance, enhances memory and learning, and reduces mental fatigue. Since it is able to cross the blood-brain barrier, L-Theanine also improves cognition. Furthermore, it can reduce mental and emotional stress which helps the brain function more efficiently. Nootropics, like the fictional drug NZT portrayed in the recent Hollywood blockbuster “Limitless”, have become extremely popular since the movie’s release. However, Nootropics are still illegal in most countries. FORZA is pleased to offer a safer, more natural and completely legal way to enhance mental alertness.

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