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FORZA Releases New T5 Super Strength

October 15, 2013

FORZA has today officially released its new and improved T5 Super Strength diet pill. For more than five years, T5 Super Strength has reigned supreme as the UK’s most popular weight loss product. It now has a cult following of users worldwide and has built up a solid reputation as a safe, reliable and effective slimming aid.

Not only is T5 Super Strength the UK’s favourite fat burner, it is also hugely popular among fitness enthusiasts as a pre-workout energy supplement. That diversity is what makes T5 Super Strength the next-gen of diet and fitness supplements. The product goes beyond that of the ordinary fat burner by containing a number of ingredients that carry EFSA approved health claims. It uses iron to help oxygen delivery within the body during exercise, chromium to help regulate blood sugar levels, iodine to improve thyroid function and niacin to reduce tiredness and fatigue. Customers can expect to see more great products from this range released shortly.

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