Kent diet firm FORZA Supplements have revealed that their most popular range of diet pills is to go on sale in Harrods. The ‘top people’s store’ is to stock Raspberry Ketone 2:2:1, which is made by the Ashford-based company, from November 2013. FORZA’s annual turnover recently rocketed to £4 million and the capsules are also set to be sold in branches of Boots and Superdrug.

Managing Director Lee Smith, 35, is opening a new technology centre in April of next year and has launched a fresh recruitment drive for a number of new staff members. He said: “In Kent, we can draw on a lot of talent with great experience in the pharmaceutical industry following the closure of the Pfizer research and development centre in Sandwich.

“What we look for more than anything is talented people with drive and energy - that is more important to us than relevant experience. Once we have the talent, we find a role for them in the organisation.”

The company is also investing £1 million installing its own capsule-making facility, which will allow it to respond more quickly to consumer needs. Lee said: “It is a really exciting time for the business.” Lee was thrilled that Harrods will start selling the range. “The kudos that goes with getting your products in a store like Harrods is huge,” he explained.

Meanwhile, The Apprentice 2013 star Luisa Zissman is to appear in Boots stores across Kent to speak to shoppers on behalf of FORZA. The 26-year-old says that the diet capsules were very effective in helping her to lose weight while she starts the bakery business that she famously pitched to Lord Alan Sugar in the show. Luisa said: “Like a lot of women I have body issues. I’m a snacker at heart so I usually pick at anything that’s around me. But when I take FORZA Raspberry Ketone in the morning and afternoon, my snacking habits are curbed.”

Since Luisa revealed in the national press that she lost a stone using the capsules, Lee has seen sales more than double of the pink and fruity fat-burners. He said: “Teaming up with Luisa has been a big success.

She is a busy entrepreneur who wants to look good and stay in shape. We will be suing celebrities like Luisa to go in-store and meet customers who are buying the supplements.” He also explained that recent controversies surrounding illegal and unlicensed pills sold online from abroad have placed an emphasis on British manufacturers’ quality control. “That is why getting into Boots, Superdrug and Harrods is so important to us,” he explained. “Shoppers know that the brands sold in these stores can be trusted.”