FORZA has today released Proteus, a heroic pre-workout powder and the perfect muscle performance drink for anybody wanting to take their workouts to the next level. The supercharged energy power-blend lets users ignite their performance, amplify the results of their workouts and shatter their personal bests. Just about anyone who is keen to improve their athletic performance can benefit from the explosive combination of ingredients contained in each serving of Proteus. The smooth and tasty formula comes in either a refreshing lemon & lime or delicious orange and helps to amplify muscle growth, improve physical strength, maintain a toned and muscular physique, increase endurance capacity, enhance recovery and provide maximum mental focus and clarity. Proteus uses recognised stimulants to boost energy levels and enhance muscle force contraction as well as a number of powerful Nitric Oxide generators that support muscular blood flow and keep the pump lasting for hours. The product label will also be entered into the Digital Print Awards 2013 and is expected to place very highly.