Following a year of huge success on online marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay, UK-based food supplement brand FORZA has now launched an innovative storefront on Whereas most Play stores are made up of a standard homepage, a few catchy images and a handful of simple category pages, the FORZA store provides customers with a visual experience that they would be hard pressed to find on most stand-alone websites.

The FORZA homepage provides customers with a gateway to discover a wealth of information and enjoy all of the wonderful products that make up the popular FORZA range. The most impressive thing about the FORZA store is its inclusion of articles and short essays that give customers more of an insight into weight loss, fitness, muscle-building and general health. This will completely revolutionise the way in which merchant’s display their products and are able to interact with customers within their own Play storefronts.

FORZA Managing Director Lee Smith said: “Rakuten’s is hot on the heels of its major competitors and is heading for a continued increase in success as a globally-recognised brand. “FORZA specialises in spotting emerging talent and then investing heavily in that talent to maximise the potential for both parties. We are proud to support Play as it has moved form a premium entertainment sales platform into a diverse shopping experience for their well-educated customers. “It has been an absolute joy for me to receive the same level of support from Play in return.” The FORZA Play store is now live and open for business: Visit Store