Celebrity Hangover Cures

Reported by: The Mail (29th Dec. 2012)

With the Christmas and New Year period finally over, some celebrities have offered their favourite tips for curing a hangover and restoring internal equilibrium. Denise van Outen suggests a banana and a can of coke; Len Goodman recommends taking a brisk walk to the pub and drinking 50% of what you had the night before; Nancy Dell’Olio suggests eating oysters; and Brian May proposes not drinking too much in the first place. Other reported cures include coffee, sports drinks, a full English breakfast, milk thistle, increased water intake and gentle exercise, as well as a number of different foods to eat before drinking in order to prevent hangovers, such as pickles, hummus, eggs, asparagus and milk. Read More  

Green Tea Praised for Anti-Oxidant Activity

Reported by: Beverage Daily (2nd Jan. 2013)

A South Korean study found Green Tea extracts to show the highest anti-oxidant activity and most potent anti-microbial activity when compared with 11 other common tea extracts. Consequently, the study suggests that leafy herbal tea extracts could be used as a health-promoting functional ingredient. FORZA recently launched Jade Emperor as part of its new Healthy Living range. The product is one of the purest Green Tea supplements on the market and, by utilising the most sophisticated extraction techniques, FORZA has been able to ensure that none of the herb’s beneficial effects have been compromised. Read More  

Multi-Vitamins Do Not Cause Death

Reported by: Food Navigator - Asia (3rd Jan. 2013)

A new meta-analysis from Australia supports the safety of multi-vitamin supplements and insists that they in no way increase the risk of death. This comes after a controversial 2007 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that the supplements were linked to a 16% increase in mortality risk. Read More  

January Super Foods

Reported by: The Huffington Post UK (5th Jan. 2013)

The UK edition of the Huffington Post names six January ‘super foods’ that make for a great way to bring in the New Year. The in-season items include:  

Tangerines – Often overlooked at this time of year, tangerines are a great source of Vitamin C, with each serving containing as much as 40% of your RDA.  

Brussels Sprouts – The hearty vegetables are full of anti-oxidants and fibre, which helps to lower cholesterol and leave you fuller after meals.  

Grapefruit – An excellent source of Vitamin C, grapefruits helps to support the immune system and prevent damage caused by free radicals.  

Sweet Potatoes – The high level of beta carotene and Vitamin A contained in sweet potatoes makes them a natural exfoliant, helping to produce new skin cells and defend the body against free radicals.  

Leeks – A good source of calcium and potassium, leeks can help to repair and replenish sore muscles after a workout.  

Pomegranate – While each pomegranate seed is barely a centimetre in size, the nutrient-rich fruit is high in fibre, ascorbic acid, Vitamin K, potassium and iron.   Read More  

Worst Diets of 2013 Named and Shamed

Reported by: Food Navigator - Asia (7th Jan. 2013)

With the resolution season now fully underway, the Dieticians Association of Australia (DAA) has revealed the three worst diets that weightwatchers should try to avoid as they battle to shed the excess pounds.

For the second consecutive year the worst diet was the Lemon Detox Diet, which requires dieters to live off a mixture of lemon juice, water, cayenne pepper and syrup. This was closely followed by the Alkaline Diet, which focuses on fruit, vegetables and legumes to counter the body’s acidity levels, and the OMG Diet, a fashion diet that combines exercise with dieting and long periods of fasting. DAA spokesperson Melanie McGrice warned “not to put your health in the hands of celebrity-endorsed diets or products that make miraculous weight and fat loss claims. Like many things in life, good health takes perseverance and commitment to a healthy lifestyle.” Read More  

No Need for L-Carnitine Health Claims

Reported by: NutraIngredients USA (10th Jan. 2013)

Leading L-Carnitine supplier Lonza has claimed that 43% of consumers are aware of L-Carnitine and its health benefits even if the EU has banned claims for the ingredient. Of the 1000 consumers polled, 39% knew of weight management links, 27% knew of performance benefits and 20% knew of energy benefits. Alchemist is FORZA’s Acetyl L-Carnitine supplement that is able to convert fatty acids into a direct energy source for muscles, aiding performance and endurance while also contributing towards a more sculpted physical condition. Read More