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FORZA Muscle Erupt Is the Most Intense Pre-Workout Capsule on the Market

May 26, 2013

FORZA Muscle Erupt is a potent pre-workout device that can be used to boost Nitric Oxide levels within the body. The proprietary formula improves muscle pump by sparking rapid vascular expansion and increased VO2 max. Muscle Erupt bridges the gap between hardcore powdered products and less intense capsule products to provide a stimulating product that can be used by both hardcore bodybuilders and less experienced trainers. This powerful pre-workout device fuels muscles and energises the body, and helps to extend muscle pump, increase muscle endurance, and enhance rock-hard muscle growth during high-intensity workouts.

Nitric Oxide is naturally produced in the body to help strengthen muscles by providing them with the oxygen and nutrients they require after a heavy workout. Nitric Oxide accomplishes this by promoting vasodilatation, or blood vessel widening. Wider blood vessels allow more carbohydrates, proteins and growth hormones to reach the muscles. Additional Nitric Oxide power leads to greater athletic performance, enhanced cardiovascular endurance and an amplification of the muscle-building process. FORZA Muscle Erupt also improves the healing power of muscles, enabling users to push their bodies to the absolute limit without any of the post-workout soreness that usually follows the toughest training sessions.

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