• Customer feedback shaped giant step forward in ecommerce website;
  • Positive reception to design, information and usability;
  • FORZA focuses on providing customers with enhanced service.

After 11 months in the pipeline, FORZA has launched its latest website offering the firms leading products that include Raspberry K2, T5 Super Strength and LipoWhey Protein Shakes to customers worldwide.

FORZA started the process of reviewing its ecommerce website in 2014, surveying customers on their experiences with the previous site and identifying key technologies to include within the refresh. The organisations aim - putting its customers at the heart of its operation; feedback suggests that FORZA's taken significant steps to achieve this. Selection of feedback received on FORZA Supplements new website: 'looks professional, well designed and the layout is clear' 'Very appealing in terms of design and branding' 'It's very colourful'

Wayne Page, Digital Marketing & Sales Manager at FORZA commented, “The team here at FORZA have worked tirelessly to turn what was a good ecommerce website into a fantastic one.” “The website provides us with a platform to engage directly with our customers on any device that they choose, whether it's a smartphone, tablet or desktop." "It's exciting to think that this is only the beginning, with a series of new updates set to be rolled out in the coming months." James Mercer, Head of Digital Design at FORZA commented "The approach taken with the websites design engages directly with our consumers and is unique to the supplement industry." "During the testing phase, consumers commented specifically on the design and how it enhanced their experience with the brand - for me, this is what every digital designer aims for and I'm ecstatic by the response."

New additions to FORZA website:

• Dieter tools including BMI calculator, Measurement converter, Weight tracker and a Body fat calculator;

• Weekly polls;

• Celebrity diet hub;

• Real life weight loss stories;

• Live chat directly to the FORZA customer service team;

• Responsive web design.  

What do you think of the new website? Leave your comments below.

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by Dane Holden

The weBsite is so much easier and quicker to use.
well done Forza