• Over £1M spent on cutting edge machinery making over 100,000 capsules an hour
  • Pharmaceutical level Technical Director hired to run high tech plant
  • FORZA has become a household name in the slimming industry since its beginnings in 2007
  • FORZA has self-regulated since 2011 having joined Trading Standards home authority

Serving the likes of Boots, Superdrug, Lloyds Pharmacies and Tesco has become day-to-day business for the FORZA brand and meeting high street stores and supermarkets demands is never easy.

FORZA makes slimming and diet products as well as whey proteins and multivitamins all for an audience of men and women of all ages. Ensuring that the company could supply its customers had always been hard work for the FORZA team because manufacturers lead times were so long.

With this in mind the Directors at FORZA decided to invest into a production facility that could meet all of the company’s needs and more. Karen Page, commercial director at FORZA Industries says “We want to give our customers a great experience when they buy a FORZA product and we need to be able to deliver that product to the retailer’s shelf in a timely fashion. Meeting demand has never been easy to predict as a growing company so having our own facility where we can make products inside a week is truly exciting”.

Forza industries garage door to production facility

Having a factory of its own has also meant that FORZA can now attack the lucrative online market with a new approach “When I found out that we would be building a new factory I immediately realised that I could commission our new product development team to create bespoke products for our online customers. This means I can now test the, market with new items and bring them to market in a matter of weeks instead of months”, Wayne Page digital sales and marketing manager.

FORZA is in process of undergoing a radical step change as it aims to be BRC (British Retail Consortium) registered in the next few months. “This means that we will be able to offer the services of our dynamic facility to other companies for their capsule and tablet needs at the very highest standards. Quality is at the heart of everything that we do and it’s only going to get better”, says Karen Page.


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by Henry

Great Story, well done to Karen, Wayne and the Team at forza.